Your dream within a dream? Wake up…NOW!

You wake up from a gripping nightmare.

You were drawn into a deep dark hole, three powerful forces controlling you.

You felt overwhelmed, powerless, being held captive.

The thoughts and images were real,

the emotions that shook you were real,

the body sweat and trembling were real.

Can a dream be for real?

Luckily you woke up, and the nightmare is over.

But is it? (…)

Intolerable confusion

Most people would fully understand the phrase, “It’s doing my head in!”

This is a crucial juncture for us that makes us or breaks us. I recall a dark period in my life as a fourteen-year-old lad. There seemed no escape from what looked at the time, terrible conditions at home.

Sadly, this is still a problem for many of our young and dare I say it, not so young! So let me give you one possible solution, when dark thoughts take you over, giving you no respite at all.


Reclaim your Power – you’re not a Puppet.

I know the dates of Joe’s course ‘Step into your Power’ mentioned in this short video are already gone, yet, this gives you an impression of the support we create when working with people that are unhappy and unfulfilled.

The question is: How did they get into this desperate spot, feeling vulnerable, where life seems a constant struggle.

You can use such a crisis as a turning point. (…)