Emotional Balance for Leaders

Everyone has felt the turbulence of strong emotional feelings.

It’s clear that for many we still have to master our own feelings. This is particularly important for those of us in a leadership position. We need to stop berating ourselves in an unbelievable array of ingenuity when it comes to putting ourselves down or others (…)

Stop your Hamster Wheel: Disruptive Dilemmas And Mindfulness

There are many disruptive situations in the daily life of running a business; a familiar cry might be “not enough business, the pipeline is drying up!”

This thought pattern is a widespread mindset that many entrepreneurs experience in their quest to be successful. What might be useful is to look at the pathology of mind and the apparent influence that has on the body in particular to feelings. Feelings of insecurity do not happen in isolation. They occur because of our interpretation of external events (…)

Why do we all ‘self-harm’?

Today my self-imposed challenge is, to release a spontaneous meaningful post in under 30 mins, and let it be. As I train my muscle of writing and sharing my thoughts on a more regular basis. The clock is ticking…

One of my favourite quotes is this one:

“No tree would be so foolish to allow its leafs to fight amongst themselves”. An old saying from a native Indian tribe.

Now, ask yourself:

When reading this, do you see yourself, the human being, as a leaf or the tree?

Or as a network of trees, that are all connected. (…)