YOU must move up to become the Horse Whisperer!

Who is running the show?

Your Thoughts?
Your Emotions?
Your Body Signals?

Or are you in control of all three? Especially when they run wild, can you stop them from doing damage, either by calmly settle them down, or at least let them go until they calm down by themselves?

Thoughts of revenge, feelings of rage, a panic attack. As impossible as it may seem at times, the answer is ‘Yes, you can!’. (…)

Choose ONE instead of Everyone

This is the first post. I have written it spontaneously, without thinking it all through. And that’s appropriate as the topic is about ‘being in the present moment and let it unfold.’

I just returned from a 2-day retreat visiting my old friend Joe in Ireland. One outcome was to start this blog – and here it is! I arrived last midnight and this morning it’s created and going live.

I had one impulse when I decided to sit down and write: It was a saying I heard, related to marketing: “If you try to reach out to EVERYONE you reach out to NOONE. Instead: Focus, choose a niche, use the sniper vs. the shotgun approach.” (…)