What’s the greatest gift you could give or receive?

I found myself pondering what is the greatest gift you could give or receive?  Now, depending on where you are coming from right now, there will many and varied answers.

Certainly, when I was young, I dreamed of becoming a famous singer. Later, I wanted the typical trinkets that appealed at that time. Fancy cars, fancy watches and of course a highly paid job.

The typical mid-life crisis was to cause me to seriously question what was I doing with my life. I was experiencing many trials and tribulations! I had tasted the addiction to (…)

The Secret to Ongoing Bliss is a Solid Chain

The fear of not making it in a tough world by just following your heart is deeply conditioned into society.

Breaking free, following your heart and trust that you will do well is easier said then done – which is why so few people master it.

Persistence then, is the invitation at hand (…)