Executive Stress – Heartfelt Leadership

Here at the School of Mastery for Mindfulness, our experience has shown us that stress at a crucial juncture can lead to Heartfelt Leadership. For the untrained mind, stress is a tyrant; nobody escapes these extremes of emotional turmoil.

However, they offer extremely valuable insights to those prepared to make a serious inquiry into the nature of stress and how these potent emotional impulses can lead to the most comprehensive form of leadership (…)

Does Followership trump Leadership?

Your followership traits contribute possibly more to your success then leadership traits.

We all are invited to take the lead frequently: to stand up for ourselves. To influence behavior, we shouldn’t tolerate. To be a role model for our family or at work.

We indeed are invited to follow on a regular basis: to support a higher vision, to join and share a positive movement to improve culture, to oblige health & safety regulations.

We certainly have a lot to learn on both sides, in any organisation. Even if you are the CEO, following is an essential part of your success – or failure (…)

How to stop ‘calling you names’?

Do not beat yourself up. This is the model of life you have been carefully taught, handed down from generation to generation. And as we all know only too well, it is seriously disruptive to our emotional well-being big time. It impacts all aspects of our life, private and business.

We can reverse this process, and by doing so, we overcome emotional stress. It is simple, but not always easy. (…)

Outstanding heartfelt leadership

Business leaders typically run their lives on metrics and key indicators. Our business books and blogs tie into this mindset: “What does not get measured does not get done!” Hence KPIs are everywhere.

Maybe an interesting question might be, just what is the ultimate metric?

Is there one which if understood would genuinely allow us to be an undivided leader?(…)

No one is responsible for the conditioning of their mind. Only for not re-conditioning it.

We are responsible for the way we treat our body, our thoughts & emotions, the relationships in our lives. Yet, no-one is responsible for the conditioning of their mind. As soon as we were born the conditioning began. Even before, as we picked up messages already inside the womb. And that’s OK. The beauty is that we don’t have to carry this programming with us for the rest of our lives. We can evaluate. Let go. Choose (…)