The ‘Undivided Leader’ – how to use our mind.

I just came back from a 2-day retreat visiting a dear old friend in Ireland.
The outcome of the two days is that Joe and I start a conversation via this blog about the ‘Undivided Leader’ or, if you don’t identify with the phrase Leader, let’s call it the ‘Undivided Consciousness’ – and how you get there.

A side note for those that don’t identify with the word ‘leader,’ which is OK: To me, leadership starts with Personal Leadership. How do you lead yourself, before even thinking about leading others? So in the context of Personal Leadership, we are all leaders.
At the same time, if you see leaders as influencers, you also influence others, willingly or not. It starts in the family. So there is “no escape” – which is beautiful in a way.

Our title ‘The Undivided Leader’ bares the question, what is the division we are referring to?

mind-2176565_1920It’s the division between feeding on Ego-driven thoughts, which are mostly negative and focus on duality, (good/bad, bright/stupid, OK, not OK…this list is endless) and the transition to a higher consciousness which sees perfection instead of flaws. The consciousness that sees the world as it is – without the need to stick judgemental labels on every object, thought, experience. The transition to realise and fully embrace the connection between all of us at all times. Or, looking at nature, the connectivity and interdependence on a cellular level or even ‘subatomic particle’ level, all the way up to the whole universe(s).

We are excited about the ‘Undivided Leader’ – how to use our mind.

We are eager to see who is touched by our thoughts we share, who ‘finds’ us and reaches out to us. We invite you to explore with us how we can serve, how we can all learn to collaborate, enjoy life and the work we love doing.

Let’s leave a remarkable legacy in the process. Be part of the journey!

To the ‘Undivided Leader’ in you.

Joe & Thomas

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