A new way of Leadership & Talent Development: GlobalVillageLeaders Club.

Discover your talents to become fully engaged & remarkable.


Everyone deserves to be able to do what makes their heart sing on a daily basis. Many have given up the search, or never started it. Being conditioned from an early age on that work is hard, and life only begins after working hours.

This is often a recipe for unhappiness and burn-out. There is a better way, and it’s more important for you to search and find hidden talents than ever before. With work process automation on its way on a large scale, your human touch, putting your heart into work with pride, guarantees your future. Instead of being replaced by machines.

To find out what you are here for, what can make you remarkable, ask yourself these four questions and reflect deeply:

  1. What are your talents and strengths you can offer the world? 
  2. What gives you the most energy? 
  3. What would you do, even if you would not be paid for it? 
  4. How can you make sure that you do only that, and get paid for it, generously? 

When you have identified your passion, talents and strengths, you can start to develop them to a high level. This development path gives you pleasure. It’s what you love doing. Others can feel it, and they’ll pay attention. You are fully engaged and remarkable. You are in demand.

At the Global Village Leaders Club, we created a unique online learning environment for you search for and find that destination. It’s only a question of time and dedication. Supported by Peers, GVL Coaches and Strategy Consultants.

Decades of experience in Performance Coaching and Strategy Consulting are blended into live video sessions: practical hands-on conversations about real (work)life issues. Giving you instant eye-opening ideas and strategies you can implement to become fully engaged at work and therefor succeed. It’s your time to shine.

Being talent driven, fully engaged and remarkable does not happen by accident, but by design. Are you open to design your path?

Get in touch to find out how: www.GlobalVillageLeaders.tv

Client Voices: “As a temporary member of the project team in Shanghai I really learned a lot from your wonderful workshop sessions. Thanks!” Dick Liu, Freelance Project Manager

“Thomas is an outstanding trainer/coach who is very thorough and process driven. He is excellent at delivering team coaching initiatives. When I get the opportunity to team up with him on a project I always jump at the opportunity. He speaks fluent English and German and has vast experience working in the most divers cultures: Europe, Middle East, US, Asia.” Robert Ferguson, Business Owner, The EQ-Centre

“I recently had an opportunity to participate in your online video classes. Thomas, your facilitation-style and content is excellent and for me, was a superb memory jogger, which transported me from the US, back to one of your effective sessions and initial meetings in Germany. Keep up the excellent video sessions and coaching work and know that you are making a difference!” Johann Vaz, CIO, Biotest Pharmaceuticals Boca Raton, Florida

“One of the few workshops that really stuck with me over the years. I recommended it many times to my clients. Thanks!” Joerg Schellig, Key Account Manager Fleet, Goodyear Dunlop

Thomas Orths

BusinessBrainLeader & Founder of GlobalVillageLeaders Club: The place to discover your hidden talents, become fully engaged at work – and remarkable!


What do you do about colleagues that are not fully engaged at work?

How is your talent development process working in your current business environment?

Please leave us a comment!

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