Pain today – Strength tomorrow!

This was a great reminder of what it takes to build muscle. It was painted on the wall in the Gym of my hotel at the economic city in Saudi last week.

The concept: An Undivided Leader does not shy away from necessary discipline to build strength and stamina.

Looking after our bodies is a tribute to the gratefulness we have such beautiful vehicles. Easier said than done though. Common sense (workout every day) is not common practice (apparently up to 70% of members pay for the Gym but NEVER GO!)

What are the areas you need to invest time and energy in to build your strengths?

What muscles do you have to build, to let go of divided identity?

Maybe it’s building the muscle of ASSERTIVENESS so that people don’t “walk over you” and you become less submissive.

Maybe its the muscle of discipline, avoiding specific food that makes you lose 20 pounds. I did that, and the payoff is enormous, although at the beginning is tough. But only the beginning. Like the Gym poster says: THE PAIN YOU FEEL TODAY WILL BE THE STRENGTH YOU FEEL TOMORROW.


To the “Undivided Leader” in you.

Joe & Thomas


Joe single - 1

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