Which rabbit hole are you chasing down? Are you happy? If not, choose once again.

Are you looking for everlasting happiness?
Searching for a way to become enlightened?
Craving for peace of mind?

In the conventional sense if you keep searching you mind find it.

Someday, somewhere.

Will it last? Probably not.

Will you even find it? Probably not.

This is not what is portrayed in the movies. There you find the illusion of the ‘happily ever after.’

And in the fairy tales, told over generations, by billions of parents lovingly to their children.

So now have two choices:

Stick with it, search out there for happiness – “forever after.” And do NOT find it.

Or start looking for a fundamental paradigm shift. Based on the fact that you have been looking for “it” so many decades and still have not found it, that it dawns on you:

You are chasing down the wrong rabbit hole.

So why not being open-minded for a different worldview altogether:

christopher-campbell-28570-unsplashHere it is…the other rabbit hole.

Does everlasting happiness exist?


Where do you find it?

Not “out there”?

Is the experience of happiness as sensational as we are made to believe by mass hypnosis?


Is it stable, accessible, at all times, on demand?


Was it always there?


Is it highly overlooked and underrated – by the masses?


Does it bring peace of mind?


No more division, being torn between what is and what you are missing.

The gap’s no more.

If you want to find out more – or find “it,” get in touch.


To the “Undivided Leader” in you.

Joe & Thomas


Joe single - 1







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