Stop your Hamster Wheel: Disruptive Dilemmas And Mindfulness

As much fun as those hamsters seems to have, for us humans the feeling of being in a hamster wheel, can be very depressing. Constant disruptions can make us feel like going in circles and getting nowhere. There are many disruptive situations in the daily life of running a business; a familiar cry might be “not enough business, the pipeline is drying up!”

This thought pattern is a widespread mindset that many entrepreneurs experience in their quest to be successful. What might be useful is to look at the pathology of mind and the apparent influence that has on the body in particular to feelings. Feelings of insecurity do not happen in isolation. They occur because of our interpretation of external events.

It is our interpretation of our thoughts that need to be mindfully investigated. Very often our thoughts may invoke a fight or flight response, put crudely we move from a stable state to one of fear. Decisions made from this place will not solve the problems, on the contrary, it is likely to exacerbate them even further. Sadly, this highly reactive response is a default setting for many. And we end up like hamsters in a wheel going nowhere.

hamster-wheel-1014047_1280Mindfulness, adequately understood will allow us to reach a higher level of consciousness and improve our ability to find solutions, that are of benefit becomes very clear.

In essence, we can use disruptions to gain more profound insights into the nature of mind and discover the innate open intelligence that is available to all.

If you are at a crossroad in some sense and would like greater clarity about next steps do give us a call: we listen, then create more clarity by tackling the root of your problems. A paradigm shift and sustainable improvements are the result. Find out.


To the “Undivided Leader” in you.

Joe & Thomas


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