Are you searching for Lasting Happiness? Great News: the search can be over!

Are you associating ‘happiness’ with an experience that is sustainable?

  • Therefor it’s worth searching for?
  • If so, how far have you come?
  • How satisfied are you with your findings?

What makes you search for it?

  • Is it the belief you have not found it yet?
  • Or you found it, but it went away, did not last?
  • Therefore it must be still out there?

For how many years are you repeating that cycle already? For how many years more do you want to carry on?

Is your happiness related to objects?

  • Thoughts?
  • Emotions?
  • Sensations?
  • Things?
  • Substances?

As it turns out, all of the above, is temporary, limited, passing by.

elijah-hiett-240333-unsplashAnd so is your happiness if you identify those objects as being the reason for your happiness.

They can be the reason for temporary happiness, which is better known as fun, joy, adventure, relief. Which is OK.

Yet if you think that’s all there is to happiness, you set yourself up for frequent disappointment, disillusion. Hence you will never find lasting happiness.

At the same time, those very objects can trigger temporary sadness, which is also known as anger, rage, boredom, agitation. Which is OK too.

How come that some people manage to escape the dependency game to find peace of mind and lasting happiness?

cristian-newman-42245-unsplashThere must be another place to turn to.

The ‘Undivided Leader’ knows where that is. She finally has found it.

He can experience all of the above and connect to a place of lasting happiness.



To the “Undivided Leader” in you.

Joe & Thomas


Joe single - 1

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