Executive Stress – Heartfelt Leadership

Here at the School of Mastery for Mindfulness, our experience has shown us that stress at a crucial juncture can lead to Heartfelt Leadership. For the untrained mind, stress is a tyrant; nobody escapes these extremes of emotional turmoil.

However, they offer extremely valuable insights to those prepared to make a serious inquiry into the nature of stress and how these potent emotional impulses can lead to the most comprehensive form of leadership.

hurry-2119711_1280The evidence of successful evaluation of stress by leaders who embraced and became committed to mindfulness as a lifestyle, suggest that excessive stress proved to be the pivotal turning point and a catalyst for profound personal change in their leadership style.

We do take the view that a significant paradigm shift is taking place. Leaders are emerging who now have a completely holistic view of business. They have left behind the model of deep division, they are Undivided Leaders who have reached the highest level of understanding about the innate nature of mind and its all-inclusive nature.

We offer discrete executive coaching for those who genuinely wish to experience a new kind of all-encompassing style of leadership.


To the “Undivided Leader” in you.

Thomas & Joe


Joe single - 1


School of Mastery.ie

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