Does Followership trump Leadership?

The last two days I delivered a workshop on ‘Developing Effective Followership.’

When have you last heard about it? When have you last consciously made choices how you follow others. (And we are not talking about becoming a 1-click ‘follower’ on social media)

A small statistic as a side note: google ‘Leadership,’ and you find (at the point of writing) 320 million search results. Google ‘Followership’ and you get only 780.000 results – a small fraction of 1%.

Why are so few interested in or searching for this term?

Your followership traits contribute possibly more to your success then leadership traits.

We all are invited to take the lead frequently: to stand up for ourselves. To influence behavior, we shouldn’t tolerate. To be a role model for our family or at work.

We indeed are invited to follow on a regular basis: to support a higher vision, to join and share a positive movement to improve culture, to oblige health & safety regulations.

We certainly have a lot to learn on both sides, in any organisation. Even if you are the CEO, following is an essential part of your success – or failure.

Metaphors help to define the helpful from the hindering behaviours as a follower.

Ask yourself:

Is your tendency to join the Sheep, or Aliens, or the Yes-(Wo)men,
in order to survive in your environment?

biegun-wschodni-8636-unsplashOr are you an ‘Effective Follower’ instead – most of the time?

Leadership & Followership. One cannot exist without the other.

The Undivided Leader has mastered both qualities and aims to stand out on either side.


To the “Undivided Leader” in you.

Joe & Thomas


Joe single - 1

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