Urgent request from your team: Stop doing damage when leading online. It’s time to step up!


Master how to ‘Lead Virtual Teams’

When you are facing travel restrictions, cost cutting, hiring freeze, it’s time to connect even closer to your remote team members – online.

Don’t be fooled: replacing face-to-face meetings with a simple Web-ex or Skype call is not enough.

If that‘stim-gouw-68319-unsplash what you are doing, please Stop! You are not engaging others. In fact, you might evedisengage them, doing more damage than good. 

Now is the time to develop 9 VirtualLeadership Qualities, so you master how to Lead Virtual Teams:

You won’t achieve this by just hoping for it to happen over time. You achieve it by design

We know proven strategies to get even closer to your people online than you could offline.

You might think thats impossible: Getting closer online then you could offline?! Yet it’s true, but you need to have the know-how.

What does it take for people to let down their social armor and open up, to connect deeply?​

The most significant problem in times of increasing digitalization is that you don’t know what you don’t know: you have not yet experienced what can be achieved online. And because of those blind spots, you are likely to pay a price instead of taking advantage of developing 9 crucial Virtual Leadership Qualities.

We believe they are the most vital skill set for your (online) future in business. 

And we can enable you to master all of them. Here’s a list of the 9 Virtual Leadership Qualities you need to master Leading Virtual Teams.

Why not assess yourself using this list! How many times out of 9 can you say Yes vs. No?

Do you know…

  1. How to communicate with Millennials in ways that earn their respect & doesn‘t make you look outdated?  Yes/No
  2. How to apply Cross-cultural Awareness to benefit from the diversity of your virtual team members?  Yes/No
  3. How to adapt to the Preferred Thinking Dominance of your team members, and how that changes under stress?  Yes/No
  4. How to improve Emotional Intelligence scales of your EQ Leadership- and Team-Profile where necessary?  Yes/No
  5. How to tap into Collective Team Intelligence through Pull-Coaching?  Yes/No
  6. How to raise Personal Leadership Traits of your team members so that ‚blame games‘ are replaced by accountability?  Yes/No
  7. How to establish Effective Followership in virtual team members, replacing sheep, alien or yes-(wo)man behaviour?  Yes/No
  8. How to galvanise work units into Cohesive Teams, that are deeply connected, aligned, committed, no matter what?  Yes/No
  9. How to foster Situational Leadership until virtual team members take the lead when necessary and handle dynamics of the present moment in your absence?  Yes/No

What’s your result? If you have more than 3 No’s, we suggest it’s time to step up.

The solution we designed is not traditional online-learning the way you think. We don’t just talk about it, this is not teaching. Instead, we just do it. Our Business Performance Coaches facilitate peer group sessions online and resolve real-life business issues as part of the learning curve. You apply the Learning immediately!

Imagine: We develop the 9 Virtual Leadership Qualities as well as your business, session by session. Your problems get solved while you learn. That also implies that you earn while you learn.

ROI & ROL (Return on Invest / Return on Learning) is a crucial measure of success for us. That‘s why each approach is customized. So you get what you need.

When you are open to find out more, simply reach out.


To the ‘Undivided Leader’ in you.

Joe & Thomas


Joe single - 1


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