No one is responsible for the conditioning of their mind. Only for not re-conditioning it.

Being responsible is a big thing. Where do you start, where do you stop?

Let’s explore.

We are responsible for…

The (work) relationships in our lives: Are they working? Are they loving and supportive? Or are they abusive? Are you critical – or submissive? Loving, supportive relationships are what we wish for. If this is not the reality you are experiencing, who is responsible? To our spouse, kids, parents, co-workers, neighbors, friends.

If you don’t buy into that, you are giving your personal power away.

“She made me angry…he upset me!” Really? How can he or she do that without you playing your part in that game, you giving permission to being provoked? I know its easier said than done to be in control / responsible, but it’s the truth.

Even competitors or enemies, if you have them. How do you treat them? As teachers? As targets? Why have them? What’s the pay-off? If you chose an abundance mentality that might change the whole picture.

We are responsible for…

The way we treat our body: What we take in as food and how much we do or don’t exercise. How can you choose healthy food, when the majority of what is offered processed or treated. And yet, our breathing, our drinking habits, our eating habits, even our chewing habits, our sleeping habits. The list seems endless. For contrast: How can you make responsible choices if you don’t even have access to clean water?

Our thoughts & emotions: Not the initial ones that bubble up, as you cannot control that. Many think you can, yet our nature is that thoughts & emotions come up, spontaneously. They always did. Even weird thoughts, or indeed scary emotions. That’s not the problem. The question is what do we do with them. If they hinder us, do we still give them energy and dwell on them. If they help us, do we cling on to them even beyond the point they are helpful? We are responsible for what we do with our thoughts & emotions. Like it or not.

Now, lets look at the headline: No one is responsible for the conditioning of their mind.

As soon as we were born the conditioning began. Even before, as we picked up messages already inside the womb. And a significant portion of that conditioning, from parents, siblings, extended family, friends, society at large, was probably not what we wished for if we had a choice. But we didn’t. Not at an early age.

And that’s OK. The beauty is that we don’t have to carry this programming with us for the rest of our lives. We can evaluate. Let go. Choose. As we are responsible for re-conditioning it. So let’s re-write history. Individually and as a whole.


To the “Undivided Leader” in you.

Joe & Thomas


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