Rabbit Hole nr 1: “The Power of Now!”

My research of different worldviews let me down some interesting rabbit holes, to use the Matrix (or Alice in Wonderland) metaphor.

I looked at Eckart Tolle who dropped out of conventional life, with depression, ended up as a homeless person sitting on a bench and having the most blissful experience of his life. Creating a bestseller that resonates with millions around the world. “The power of now!” Looking back the breakdown became his breakthrough.

Why is he followed by millions of people? Because he strikes a nerve with us. We heard about and longe to be present, experiencing peace of mind, yet many find it most difficult with an avalanche of distractions, incoming messaging, feeling overwhelmed every minute of the day.

The 45 degree downwards angled heads staring at a mobile device with a concerned face, which I see in ever growing numbers in public, is one proof of it.

Eckart runs retreats for years; people come from far and wide in large numbers. He is featured on Ophra Winfrey show. He answers questions in front of large audiences; the questions are selected, written down on paper, he reads it and answers, at length. But his is not one that I prefer. To me personally, Eckart is “too slow”. And to detached from practical application. It did not resonate. And it does not have to. Horses for courses.

I admire his capability to raise the awareness and importance of the present moment on such a large scale. Because I know from working with managers that many are restless, with their mind racing into the past and dwelling on what they did or don’t do (=regret). Or the mind races into the future, having concerns of what may or may not occur (=fear) and all too after it doesn’t turn out that way, so the fear was unnecessary in the first place.

So how do you get to a stable state of mind that you can rely on and acts from?  Eckart has answers to that.

In some of my next posts, I will explore another rabbit hole I went down, and came back from, on my quest for profound answers how to be an ‘undivided leader’.

Stay tuned.


To the “Undivided Leader” in you.

Joe & Thomas


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