The Search: How to heal your mind and find yourself.

I found my first waking thoughts to be around the idea of what it is we want to say, what is it we are trying to do with the ‘Undivided Leader’ project.

What arises for me is ‘Healing the Mind & Finding Yourself.’
Everyone seems to be searching for something; there is some deep sense of lack that the whole of society feels.

Mostly, many do not yet know how to articulate their needs; they just know they are restless, not at peace. Many, because of the illusory self-created worldview of the duality model, will seek answers outside and in doing so search in vain.

There is, it seems, a growing thirst for answers to the ultimate quest for happiness and freedom. My whole being is now attuned to deep listening for that inner voice of wisdom. I merely want to be a messenger to what is given to me, and deliver it like a conventional post(wo)man, who has no concern of the reaction of the recipient to the letter she delivers.

To walk lightly on knowing the next day fresh messages will come.

Love and respect,

To the “Undivided Leader” in you.

Joe & Thomas


Joe single - 1

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