Emotional Intelligence Model re-written. Self-Awareness vs. Self-Regard.

A 10 mins conversation about the crucial role self awareness plays in our life and well-being as an Undivided Leader. We discuss the Life Positions in the EQ model from JCA and the best order to arrange them. The model starts with Self-Regard as the most crucial part, influencing Self-Awareness and consequently Self-Management. Here is a visual of the model:


The question we explore is: Should the model not start the other way round, with Self-Awareness influencing Self-Regard instead?


The logic: Self-regard is less constant in a lot of peoples life then self-awareness. What is the only constant factor in our lives? Awareness – it just is.

It’s very satisfying to know that all improvement can be boosted by one factor alone. Us being ‘aware’.

When increasing your self-awareness you influence all other qualities simultaneously.

Time to practice.

To the “Undivided Leader” in you.

Joe & Thomas


Joe single - 1


School of Mastery.ie


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