Work-Life Balance vs Life-Work Oneness

I started this blog to discipline my passion for blogging into daily contribution for our readers, and to display my evolution how to use the mind as a journey. It will be interesting to read over time how certain concepts manifest, as thy are more often written about, and other concepts come and go and that was my belief at the time.

Joe and I always wanted to do a project together, but never found the right format.   already in 2004 he had a manuscript ‘The little acorn’ and I offered to do the illustrations, but we did not make it happen.  Now though, the blog is an ideal way to join and walk together, leaving our footprints as legacy that hopefully inspires others.

The title Undivided Leader came up in our conversation when we met beginning of Jan 2018. Joe spontanously said what do you think of  UNDIVIDED LEADER,  does that resonate with you?.

And it did. Several conflict leading to a divided state of mind popped up in my head. And the idea to support others to dissolve those conflicts excited me instantly.

Here are just a few, which i will explore, post by post over the next days.

  • Work Life balance
  • Offering Personal development vs corporate training
  • Devoting oneself to a spiritual path vs ‘down to earth’ practical matters
  • Choosing family over career

Work-Life Balance vs Life-Work Oneness

The paradox of ‘Work-Life Balance’. What a sad statement. There is Work, coming first, and when work is finished we can have a life, in our free-time. Thats what the majority of people think. That’s where the term escape the ‘rat race’ also comes from. And all the

An undivided leader wants to do her work.

  • Its her life, her expression of her believes, values, vision.
  • His work will be arranged to suit his life style.
  • Her life is not ruled by work, and not filled with work she dislikes.
  • His life is not an outcome of scarifying a career so he can have a life instead.

Instead there is a way of not being torn between the duality of 2 forces. Short term that can work, mid and long term it’s a recipe for unhappiness, or unfulfilled potential.

ben-kolde-403278There is one easy to check indicator: when you wake up, do you want to ‘go to work’ and start what you are meant to do? If not, thats OK, yet there is a search ahead you should consider.If you ignore it you pay a prize in many ways. And it can show up later in life in ugly ways. As you can only deny your true nature for so long.

Beware. Search. Choose

Life-Work Oneness over Work-Life Balance



To the ‘Undivided Leader’ in You!



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