Your dream within a dream? Wake up…NOW!

You wake up from a gripping nightmare.

You were drawn into a deep dark hole, three powerful forces controlling you.

You felt overwhelmed, powerless, being held captive.

The thoughts and images were real,

the emotions that shook you were real,

the body sweat and trembling were real.

Can a dream be for real?

Luckily you woke up, and the nightmare is over.

But is it?

Our thoughts, feelings and body sensations in our dreams are for real. As our awareness experiences them.

The very same happens in our everyday life.

Our thoughts, feelings, and body sensations are real. As our awareness experiences them.

What is not real is the fact that we give so much power to them that we seem to be controlled by them. The belief that we are controlled by our thoughts, emotions and body sensations is not real. It’s not the truth.

So time to wake up – in real life. And realise that your daily nightmares can be over. Right here and now. Once and for all. Moment by moment.

Rise above and be the observer. That’s our true nature.


To the ‘Undivided Leader’ in You!






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