YOU must move up to become the Horse Whisperer!

Who is running the show?

  • Your Thoughts?
  • Your Emotions?
  • Your Body Signals?

Or are you in control of all three? Especially when they run wild, can you stop them from doing damage, either by calmly settle them down, or at least let them go until they calm down by themselves?

Thoughts of revenge, feelings of rage, a panic attack. As impossible as it may seem at times, the answer is ‘Yes, you can!’.

Learn to move up and become the observer, the ‘horse whisperer’, who decides to tame nature if necessary or step out of the way instead of being overrun.

  • You are not your thoughts.
  • You are not your emotions.
  • You are not your body.

You are the awareness that hopefully is in touch with, but not controlled by them.

The consciousness that is grateful for, but not addicted to them.

Practise, and if it doesn’t work at this moment, you can simply choose again in the next one.


To the ‘Undivided Leader’ in You!

Thomas & Joe


Joe single - 1

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