Whose Sovereignty are we talking about? 

I am intrigued by all the talk in Britain and Ireland about Brexit. How England thinks it is losing its sovereignty.

What strikes me on a personal level is how we have completely been captured by the idea we are flawed and weak. Waiting only for politicians or bureaucrats to seal our fate. We seem totally consumed with a myriad of problems seemingly not of our making!

We have surrendered our most precious gift of all, OUR IDENTITY, and in the process, we lost our capacity to see reality. Almost everything is spiralling out of control.

We do need mindful leadership, but it must start with us. We need to back the SOVEREIGNTY OF OUR OWN IDENTITY. We need to be comfortable in our skin. Build powerful relationships, learn how to be authentic and collaborate more effectively.

It’s not difficult to be free, but it does mean a strong commitment to learning, to know who you are. Which is far more powerful than you think.

Investigate who you are, look into mindfulness, start your own research.



To the ‘Undivided Leader’ in You!

Thomas & Joe


Joe single - 1

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