What’s the greatest gift you could give or receive?

I found myself pondering what is the greatest gift you could give or receive?  Now, depending on where you are coming from right now, there will many and varied answers.

Certainly, when I was young, I dreamed of becoming a famous singer. Later, I wanted the typical trinkets that appealed at that time. Fancy cars, fancy watches and of course a highly paid job.

The typical mid-life crisis was to cause me to seriously question what was I doing with my life. I was experiencing many trials and tribulations! I had tasted the addiction to gambling and alcohol with all of its serious ups and downs. I was following a path of looking for satisfaction in objects, which always only gave short-term satisfaction.

In my quest to discover who or what I am, I stumbled across on a book called ‘A Course In Miracles’. This was eventually, to lead me to the Greatest Gift, it was to reveal to me through practical application over 365 lessons my true identity. I discovered I was powerful, not weak, I had no enemies and I could not suffer loss! Quite a statement.

What this did was to intensify my love for learning, which always had the same goal, to get to know our real nature, our real unshakeable Self. As we learn to move from skilled incompetence when it comes to knowing who we are, we discover naturally by simple short moments repeated many times until it is continuous, that we are pure consciousness. Not bound by descriptions.

We find HAPPINESS is our greatest gift.

Let us know what you think is your greatest gift!


If you are interested in finding out more about the practical steps you can take to discover your real nature and unlock the stranglehold that conventional duality has on those still captured by a false sense of self. There are many ways you can engage in this adventure.

Reach out – we are here for you.

To the “Undivided Leader” in you.

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