Intolerable confusion

Most people would fully understand the phrase, “It’s doing my head in!”

This is a crucial juncture for us that makes us or breaks us. I recall a dark period in my life as a fourteen-year-old lad. There seemed no escape from what looked at the time, terrible conditions at home.

Sadly, this is still a problem for many of our young and dare I say it, not so young! So let me give you one possible solution, when dark thoughts take you over, giving you no respite at all.


These feeling are triggered by thoughts, which seemingly have the capacity to bring you to your knees. But again…


Simply, sit quiet, let the feelings swirl around, they will self-release, they will pass. Every time you do this exercise you are training the mind to be still, to come to rest.

And if even this seems impossible for you, then talk to someone, share what’s going on with you.


To the “Undivided Leader” in you.


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