The Truth of our invisible Oneness

I was lying in bed this morning, letting my thoughts roll around like the lotto machine. I did not try to control them, I let them rise and fall. And then effortlessly they seemed to slow down in a meaningful order and this is what came out:

Thoughts will come and go, pretty thoughts, ugly thoughts and indifferent thoughts and that is all OK. You can believe what you will. However, it is What You Do, that attests to what you believe!
And when I really, really surrender to the truth of our invisible oneness, then will I witness the truth.
No longer a nice idea, but a lived experience.
And if I forget from time to time, nothing bad happened. Eventually, my holiness, your holiness, everyone’s holiness will become as natural as breathing.

Much love, Joseph.

To the “Undivided Leader” in you.

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