Disruptor, Dissentor, Improver.

The Undivided Leader thinks, feels and acts from a place of oneness.

Political Games – simply bounce of as she sees through them. And she certainly feels no need to join them.

Fierce Competition – doesn’t grab him, as he knows what this breeds. And he certainly refuses be misguided by envy.

Silo Mentality – will not resonate with her. Knowing that departmental expertise is vital for a whole organisation to function she is not misled by tunnel vision.

Short-term Gain – cannot win him over. Quick wins are important for sure, yet lack of long-term strategic thinking taking into account the bigger picture does not make sense to him.

Dealing with dismissive reactions from the mainstream, being labelled as an ACTIVIST, IMPROVER, CAMPAIGNER, DISRUPTOR, OPTIMIST, DISSENTER become her/his daily bread. And that’s OK.


To the ‘Undivided Leader’ in You.

Joe & Thomas


 Joe single - 1


School of Mastery.ie

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