Comprehensive Leadership

When you think of leadership what comes to mind?

Someone who stands out, ahead of the game?

Or do you see them as egotistical, only interested in their own agenda?

We tend to be biased one way or another; we see some as above us and some below. This was for sure my mindset for many years.

I would follow the latest trend, roar off with great enthusiasm only to discover I did not find my pot of gold. Fortunately, we tire of the easy fix, and we begin a quest to find our authentic voice. Only then can we enjoy the fruit of our natural gifts and talents, to serve others.

Comprehensive leadership is an “inner journey” learning first to be mindful enough to discover exactly who you are. Identity is a critical factor, and if you are still misguided about who you are, it is questionable whether you could claim the title of a comprehensive leader.

Fortunately, mindful leadership is an all-embracing concept that can be tested out in your own direct experience.

Emotional mastery gives you greater clarity to lead, to be more open and therefore effortlessly empowering others. We do promote healthy leadership, and that comes from being undivided within yourself. It is not difficult.

However, it does require some daily discipline each day to increase your awareness about what is really going on around you.

We do encourage you to find your authentic voice and become a Comprehensive Leader.


To the “Undivided Leader” in you.

Joe & Thomas


Joe single - 1



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