Make sure your beauty is discovered in this life.

Flying back from Dubai I am deeply impressed by this animated movie: ‘Loving Vincent.’
The world’s first fully painted feature film. If you have not watched it yet – do it now. “Each of the film’s 65,000 frames is a real oil painting on canvas, using the same technique as Van Gogh, created by a team of 125 painters. – Wikipedia: Loving Vincent”.

His tragic story shows that talent alone is not enough to create a breakthrough in your lifetime.

You need social skills and emotional intelligence as well to be accepted in society, so others are open to appreciate your (art)work. I don’t want to say that Vincent did not have any social skills or was lacking emotional intelligence. I cannot judge that. But the fact that he was treated as an outsider in his chosen village contributed to the fact that the exposure of his genius work was limited.

We can witness in this tragedy how powerful and self-destructive our thoughts can be.

And our heart goes out the suffering Vincent: ‘This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.’ He was an unrecognized genius of his times. The world was not ready. He became the ‘father of modern painting.’ Vincent created over 2100 painting in just eight years, out of which 800 were oil paintings. Only one was ever sold in his lifetime.

While listening to the song, you might want to ask yourself:

  • What hidden talents do you have to offer the world?
  • Are you following your heart and does your work reflect what you were meant to do?
  • Do you have the soft essential skills to open heart and minds of your audience for your beautiful (art)work?


To the “Undivided Leader” in you.

Joe & Thomas


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