You and your coach are ONE.

When I have the opportunity to coach you for the first time, I ask you about the topic you want to talk about. From then onwards I trust the GROW process. The less ‘prepared’ I am the better ‘Pull-Coaching’ can unfold. My job is to get the best of your ideas out, not to put my best ideas ‘in’.

With you in the driver seat…

we define your overall Goal,

your specific goal for the session

we describe your Reality, the symptoms you see showing up

analyse your Root cause(s)

we dig deep for new Options you have to tackle your root cause

after you run out of ideas, I dig deeper. (Here are the 2 most powerful words in our repertoire to do so)

what else?…what else?…what else? (If you would know, what would the answer be?)

what if?  (you had more/less time)…what if? (you had more/less money)…what if? (you had more/less power)

we conclude by evaluating options to define your Way forward, being very specific.

Check on the Will from a scale of 1-10

Simple and profound. Trusting the process. The results are impressive.

As simple as it sounds, we have taught GROW and Pull-Coaching to 1000s managers over the last decades, often using video feedback. Why using video? To proof, they think they can do it when in fact they can’t. ‘Manager as a Coach’ – they are pushing their own ideas instead.

I become ONE with you to ask those questions in the best possible way.  Not in the sense of “What would I do in your shoes?” – and then give you that. That’s switching to Push-Coaching. Which is OK too, but only second choice – and it should be the last resort you go to as a coach.

I become one with you to ask with empathy, not mechanically. To stand the silence between the questions long enough, and get you to dig deeper, even if you don’t want to.

The reminder that we are all connected, we are all one, is the best framework. And the truth.

To the ‘Undivided Leader’ in You!


Thomas & Joe


Joe single - 1

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